IT’S practically earth DAY – would YOU rather utilize 3000 DISPOSABLES PER YEAR OR 15 fabric DIAPERS?

Bambino Mio offer a variety of environmentally friendly infant products which are much better for you, much better for infant as well as much better for the environment!

Earth Day is coming up soon on April 22nd, which implies now is the suitable time for households to believe about adopting an eco-friendlier, much more sustainable lifestyle. This implies out with disposable diapers, which can take as much as 500 years to decompose, as well as in with recyclable as well as trendy fabric diapers from Bambino Mio! Innovative as well as adorable, Bambino Mio‘s products are taking the world of diapering by storm as well as making it simple for mothers as well as dads to method eco-chic parenting.

Bambino Mio is the leading fabric diaper business providing a variety of products developed for the stylish, modern, as well as eco-conscious parent. Bambino Miodiapers are as easy to utilize as disposables; simple to change with velcro-style closure and easy to wash. offered in two styles, the onesize* miosolo all-in-one as well as the miosoft two-piece – a onesize* diaper with two sizes of diaper cover – will grow with infant from birth to potty training as well as are offered in a range of fun as well as trendy prints. Bambino Mio likewise offer a variety of diapering accessories, swim diapers as well as potty training essentials.

The world’s preferred fabric diaper, the miosolo features a concealed very absorptive core as well as stay-dry inner layer which keep wetness away from baby’s delicate skin; stretchy water-resistant outer material ideal even for the most active babies; as well as a distinct pull out tab system to make eliminating the core from inside the diaper as easy as possible, improving laundry performance as well as speeding up drying time. The miosolo’s very stay soft material stays soft laundry after wash, offering the most comfortable diaper for your baby’s bottom. 

Bambino Mio was established by other half as well as other half team man as well as Jo Schanschieff in the UK in 1997. Over the past 20 years, they have won over 50 awards as well as are now offered in 70 countries worldwide.  

Need a few other reasons to select fabric over disposables?

20 billion disposable diapers are thrown away each year as well as each disposable can take as much as 500 years to decompose.

15% of all home squander in the us is disposable diapers.

Cloth diapers are as much as 40% much better for the atmosphere according to the atmosphere Agency’s 2008 revision of the Lifecycle analysis Report.

Parents can save as much as $900 when utilizing fabric diapers, as well as even much more if diapers are utilized on subsequent children. even changing to one fabric diaper each day can save parents a considerable amount of money.

Miosolo All-in-One Diaper ($21.99)

The award-winning miosolo is a simple, trendy as well as very soft all-in-one fabric diaper that is as simple to utilize as a disposable! The size of the diaper can be altered utilizing the adjustable snaps as well as velcro style fastenings to fit the shape of your bit one. offered prints include bumble, circus time, fly away, grizzly, hop, koala, bit bicycle, marshmallow, pandamonium, rainy days, teddy bear picnic, touco, zebra crossing as well as raccoon retreat.


miosoft two-piece diaper (starting at $10.99)

Versatile to fit all shapes as well as sizes, the two-piece diaper is made up of a onesize* 100% cotton diaper as well as a water-resistant diaper cover that will see you with from birth to when your bit one is potty- מוּכָן. very soft as well as stretchy to keep up with even the most active babies, the diaper cover is available in two sizes: size 1 (<21 lbs) as well as size 2 (21 lbs+). The stretchy lightweight material enables infant flexibility to relocation as well as check out while double elasticated leg cuffs as well as midsection provide supreme leak protection. The covers are offered in bumble, grizzly, koala, rainy days, touco, white, as well as zebra crossing. cloth diapering accessories Bambino Mio offer a variety of environmentally friendly infant accessories including: biodegradable supersoft diaper liners, practical diaper pails with lockable lids, natural wipes that assist avoid the triggers of diaper rash as well as environmentally friendly laundry cleanser.  miosquares ($11.99) Muslin squares are an necessary product for any type of parent. This is a multi-purpose product that has so numerous daily utilizes from mopping up spills to  using as a burp cloth or comfort blanket as well as so much more. swim diaper ($11.40) Keep your infant stylish while they tread the water with Bambino Mio‘s award-winning recyclable swim diapers. ideal for utilize in the pool as well as on getaway too! simple to use, they are the supreme service for your infant in the water, as no extra diaper needs to be usedעם מוצר זה. רצועת המותניים המותאמת מרמזת על כך שהיא פשוטה ללבוש, נוחה כמו גם מאובטחת. עשוי מחומר רך וקל משקל שאינו מעריך את התינוק שלך בבריכה כמו חד פעמי. גדלים בין 6 חודשים לשנתיים. ניתן להשיג בחד -קרן, אקווריום, כחול ים עמוק, דינו, צהוב ים עמוק, פרחוני דיצי, בת ים, מפרץ פיראטים כמו גם מתחת לים. תיק חיתול רטוב (14.99 $) קח איתך את התיק הזה לכל מקום שאתה הולך! שקיות חיתול רטובות שימושיות אלה מתאימות להובלת חיתולים, בגדים או בגדי ים כאשר הם בחוץ כמו גם בערך. זה מפותח להיות קל כמו גם מהיר, פשוט קפל, גלגל כמו גם קליפ. ניתן להשיג בטוקו, גריזלי, קואלה כמו גם בבלמבל. מכנסי אימונים בסיר (9.99 $) מכנסי האימונים הסירוריים הסופקים מאוד בסגנון סופרים הם הצעד האידיאלי הרחק מחיתולים לעבר מתנורות טבע גדולות! החומר הרך עם תערובת הכותנה מרגיש כמו תותים אמיתיים ואילו השכבה העמידה במים מוסתרים כמו גם רף פנימי סופג מפחיתים את הדרישה לשינויי בגדים. גדלים בין 18 חודשים ל -3 שנים. ניתן להשיג בורוד, ורוד בהיר, כחול, אי טרופי, פיות, דינו, חלל חיצוני, פיל ורוד כמו גם לבן. למד הרבה יותר על Bambino Mio על ידי מעבר לאתר האינטרנט שלהם וקשר איתם בפייסבוק ובאינסטגרם. מוצרי Bambino Mio מוצעים ישירות באופן מקוון וממוכרים לאומיים כולל אמזון, ו- קישור לפוסט זה: זה כמעט יום כדור הארץ – האם אתה מעדיף להשתמש ב -3000 חד פעמיים בשנה או 15 חיתולי בדים?


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